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CONNELL Power Equipment is a full servicing dealer. This is an important factor in the buying process. We perform all of our service at our store which speeds up turnaround time. We offer pick-up and delivery. We have three technicians certified in their field. Our Service Manager holds the prestigious STIHL Power Equipment Gold Certification.


As a servicing dealer you can expect to receive factory authorized parts, adjustments made to the original factory specifications and the full warranty support of the manufacturer. We maintain an adequate supply of common service parts. If the part required is not a common service part, most of our vendors are on a two day delivery cycle.


Additionally we service many competitive product lines, such as the Ventrac articulated tractor, and other items listed on our home page. We also stock many common parts for the "do-it-yourself" customer. If we are unable to assist you with your specific brand of product we will try to direct you to someone who may be able to offer you assistance.


Contact us for your next lawn equipment repair and ask if we can help you with the product.

Service Policies


RETURNS of special order and non-stock parts are not permitted. Return of any electrical part is not permitted. All returns of stock parts are permitted within 14 days and accompanied by a valid sales receipt.


ORDERING by phone requires part numbers and a valid credit card. Parts lookup may be accomplished by going to the vendor web site provided by links on this page.


SHIPPING charges for special order and non- stock parts will be added to the cost of the part.


DROP SHIP orders are possible by most of our venders. They charge a small fee for this service in addition to the freight charge.


STORAGE fees are not charged if repairs are picked up within 21 days of notification of the completed work order. Storage after 21 days is billed at $1.50 per day.

Authorized Factory Service


STIHL Power Equipment

Gold Certified Tech

HUSTLER Turf Equipment

VENTRAC 4X4 Tractors

HONDA Lawn & Garden

Briggs & Stratton Engines

Kohler Engines

Kawasaki Engines

Steiner 4X4 Tractors


Types of Products Serviced


Lawn & Garden Tractors

Lawn Mowers



Trimmers, Blowers

Chain Saws, Pole Pruners

Hedgers, Edgers, Vaccums

Cut-Off Saws


Other Services Offered


Saw Chain Sharpening

Blade Sharpening

Hedgers Sharpened

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